Consistency is the Key to Obtaining Results

Are you battling with unwanted facial hair?

Removing unwanted hair as soon as it appears through the skin helps complete your treatments in the quickest time possible.   Clearing the area once a month results in the treatment of anagen-stage hair follicles.  For frequently tweezed areas, you should begin with weekly clearings.  As your treatments progress, the length of the treatment will shorten, and the interval of time between treatments will lengthen.

Once you have begun treatments it is essential to discontinue any tweezing, waxing or threading of the area to be treated, because these actions all prolong the time required to complete your electrolysis treatments.  Trimming or shaving is fine,  these only remove hair above the surface of the skin.  Please do not shave for at least 48 hours (or more) prior to treatment.  This provides enough growth necessary for effective removal.

Note- if you tweeze frequently and then stop tweezing – it will appear as if MORE hair is growing in.  This is simply your hair continuing its stages and cycles without interruption.  Schedule your electrolysis treatment as soon as possible so that the hairs will not shed.