The Process of Electrolysis is as Individual as You Are


Hair grows in CYCLES that do not coincide with one another. This cycle is a constant growing and shedding of all hair on your body. 

Excess hair growth on a woman’s face usually begins with a few coarse hairs on the chin or upper lip.  Some women will never have hair growth increase , while other women will advance over time.  The length of time necessary to complete electrolysis treatments depends entirely on how much hair Mother Nature has destined for you to grow.  One person can be finished with treatments in 6 to 9 months while another person can require 18 months or longer.

If You are Tweezing

  When a hair is pulled out by the root, four things can occur:

  1. The hair enlarges over time to become coarser (larger in diameter).
  2. The hair breaks off to become ingrown or to appear again within a day or so.
  3. Remnants of the root sheath remain in the skin and cause a pimple.
  4. The electrologist cannot see the hair until it reappears several weeks to several months later causing you to believe that it’s “regrowth” of a previously TREATED hair.  (It is NOT a previously treated hair.)

All tweezing and other mechanical epilation such as threading and waxing must stop in order to have efficient electrolysis.