Temporary and Permanent Summer Hair Removal Tips


Summer is right around the corner, in Boca Raton that means spending plenty of time at the beach. The main concern women have during this time of the year is keeping hair in check. Methods of hair management vary from temporary at-home methods, temporary methods at a local salon, to permanent treatments done by a professional.

Regardless of the method you find the most appealing, I’d like to offer a few tips on maintaining your skin's radiance during these crucial months: 

  • If shaving, do it after taking a warm shower. The shower causes blood vessels to dilate and the skin to plump, which results in exposure of the entire base of the hair follicle, thus achieving a closer shave.
  • Use shaving cream to moisturize. This is good for two reason: First, is that it softens the hair allowing the blade to cut it more easily. Second, is that it works to moisturize the skin combatting dryness from frequent shaving. 
  • Follow the hair removal with an astringent after shaving, depilation, or waxing. Astringents cause very slight swelling around the pores, preventing the hair from poking back into the skin. 
  • Use sunscreen on the area where you recently had treatment. It’s true that you should use it all the time, but areas that have recently had any hair removal will be particularly sensitive and vulnerable to sun damage. 

Unsightly hair is something that many women spend their lives fighting against, particularly in Boca Raton where the sun is always shining and every day seems perfect for soaking in the sun. I became a hair removal specialist to help fellow women with their needs. If you would like to discuss permanent hair removal solutions, please contact me.