Pros and Cons of Electrolysis


If you’re considering hair removal options, you probably want to know everything about electrolysis before deciding if this is the method for you. To help guide you through the decision, I want to provide you with an unbiased breakdown for the pros and cons of this hair removal system.


Electrolysis is permanent - Once treatment is complete, you can rest assured knowing that hair removal investment will never fail. 

No more ingrown hairs - Many people suffer from ingrown hair caused from hair removal treatments, but with this treatment you will never have to worry about it again. 

Electrolysis is FDA approved - Actually, it is the only method approved by the FDA as a permanent hair removal method. Electrolysis delivers consistent results and can be applied with acute precision, since each hair is zapped manually by the technician. 

It works on everyone - Unlike laser hair removal, this system doesn’t rely on picking up the pigmentation of the hair for accuracy. As stated above, each hair is targeted by the technician, providing consistent results regardless of hair color and texture, or skin color and texture. 


Time consuming - Since each hair is zapped individually by the technician, the amount of time any given area will take depends on the size and density of the hair. For example, the upper lip can take no more than 30 minutes per session. 

Electrolysis can discolor skin - It’s rare, but if the hair isn’t hit precisely, it can cause hyperpigmentation to the surrounding skin. The damage is minor and depends on the skin reaction of each individual. Also, damage can be mitigated by a highly skilled technician, as well as the use of sunscreen.

The process can be uncomfortable – Tolerance and sensitivity is different for each individual, as such opinions on whether it is more uncomfortable than laser treatments seems to vary. However, if you are more sensitive than others, you can always discuss the use of topical anesthetics with your technician. 

A key factor in your experience with this treatment will be the technician you work with. Meet with the technician prior to beginning treatment and discuss his or her training, certifications and experience. If you’re in Boca Raton and would like to meet for a free hair removal  consultation, feel free to send me a message and we’ll schedule a meeting right away