Myth or Fact: Face-Shaving for Women

Women have been shaving their faces for many decades now. Some of history’s most beautiful women, including Marilyn Monroe, have been known to take part in this procedure. However, there are still myths floating around that would deter a woman from shaving her face. 

Fact or Myth?

MYTH: The peach fuzz on your face will grow back thicker after shaving. This theory started going around because after people shave, they feel the stubby regrowth of the hair and incorrectly assumed that the hair was thicker. When a hair grows from the root, it will have a slightly pointed tip, which makes it feel finer to the touch. However, when you shave the hair and cut it at the base, it creates a blunt end that is the same thickness from root to tip. Thus, the shaved hair feels thicker.

FACT: Face shaving works as a form of exfoliation. There’s actually a name for this, it’s called dermaplanning. Some dermatologists may even prefer this to exfoliating with a scrub, since it actually removes deep layers of dead skin cells, instead of just moving them around. 

FACT: It makes your skin appear more radiant. The combination of exfoliation and hair removal will allow products to penetrate deeper, this includes creams and makeup. Also, the removal of dead skin cells will encourage new cell growth, which is responsible for the nice glow you notice after exfoliation. 

MYTH: The hair will grow back darker after shaving. People have falsely come to this conclusion because the hair that has grown back isn’t sun-bleached yet. 

FACT: You can get ingrown hairs on your face from shaving. Ingrown hairs are less likely to be a problem with thinner, straight hair, but it’s always a possibility. 

So now that you know what’s a rumor and what’s factual, are you more likely to try face shaving? Maybe you would like to consider permanent hair removal options, such as laser hair removal or electrolysis? If you’d like to learn more about your options, lets schedule a free consultation in my Boca Raton hair removal office.