Electrolysis During Pregnancy


Electrolysis treatment during pregnancy may become a concern for a couple of reasons. The first may be that you began the treatment prior to becoming pregnant and you still have a few more sessions remaining for the completion of treatment. Second may be that you are pregnant and have noticed excessive hair growth. 

We’ll address both of these separately: 

Continuing treatment during pregnancy - There hasn’t been a lot research done with regards to the effect of electrolysis on pregnancy. However, this system has been around for over a 100 years and there hasn’t been any correlations between pregnancy complications and electrolysis, which means that risk is very low. The only caution I might express is for anyone treating their nipples, since the area is very sensitive, particularly if breastfeeding. 

Treating new hair growth during pregnancy - You may start noticing excessive hair growth during pregnancy that wasn’t there before. Don’t be alarmed, it’s quite normal due to the flux of hormones. For this particular instance, my recommendation is to wait until after the pregnancy since most, if not all, of the hair usually disappears on it’s own after the baby arrives. In the meantime it is okay to shave the hair. As an Electrologist we never condone tweezing! Contrary to popular belief, shaving facial hair will not cause it to grow out thicker and there are razors that are specially made for women to remove facial hair. 

If you have additional concerns about hair removal during pregnancy that were not addressed in this post, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below or to contact me privately for a free consultation.