Electrolysis for transgenders

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, has brought much-needed awareness to the gender transformation process. Of course, many individuals have experienced this life-changing event prior to the broadcast of her journey, but it gives a much larger audience a glimpse into everything that the process entails. 

As she settles into her new identity, she revealed that she went through the process of electrolysis for two years back in the early 1980s. Typical at-home hair removal methods don’t produce the same results as permanent options and they require much more upkeep. 

Passing as a woman after the change isn’t everyone’s main objective, but the desire for silky-smooth skin is top-of-mind for most who choose to make the gender change. Out of all the hair removal methods offered, the only true permanent hair removal method available is electrolysis. 

Preliminary insight to electrolysis: 

  1. How long will the process take? This depends on the areas you want treated and the density of the hair in the particular area. Typical facial hair removal for transsexual women take 100 to 400 hours of treatment time. 
  2. How much does electrolysis cost? Again, it depends on the density of your hair. My rate is $95 per hour, this is the industry standard in Boca Raton, but prices may vary depending on your technician. Since each hair is targeted individually by the technician, it’s important to work with someone experienced, as they will have a better eye and precision technique, which will allow them to cover a larger area faster.
  3. How much discomfort will I experience? It depends on the person and their skin sensitivity, but it is generally considered to be tolerable. 
  4. How will my skin react? Most people experience temporary redness and swelling. Other serious side effects may arise, but they are rare. I’d be happy to go over them in our initial consultation, but with my experience any complications are unlikely. 
  5. At what point during my transition should I start electrolysis? Treatment is generally started early in the process because it is one of the most visible changes and it takes a few years to complete.

Do you have more in-depth questions that were not addressed in this post? Send me a private email and I’ll provide a response as soon possible.