Once Again....Time to Debunk the Myths About Shaving

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As many times as I talk about it shaving seems to be confusing for most.  Our hair grows from within the hair follicle out to a point.

When you cut the hair at its widest point it feels thicker but in reality it is not. You might say it is an illusion.

As well shaving does not cause hair to grow faster, stronger, or more dense.  These things all happen due to hormones only. 

Lets say you have shaved your legs for 20 yrs.  Just because you stop shaving your hair it's not going to grow longer like the hair on your head.  It's going to grow to a certain point that has been predetermined by your body.  The hair on different body parts grows to predetermined lengths

So stop worrying that cutting or trimming your unwanted hair is going to cause you to suddenly look like the Wolf Man. It won't ever happen.  Unless it's Halloween....

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