Electrolysis + Perseverance = RESULTS


Everyone is always looking for the quick fix. 

Hmmm is there ever really a quick fix when it comes to beauty?  We deep condition our hair but one time is not enough. We go under the knife to turn back the hands of aging yet one time does not last a lifetime. Five to ten years later you'll want to give a little nip tuck again.  We inject Botox and fillers and these too must be repeated every six months to a year. 

When it comes to Electrolysis one treatment is generally not enough.

Conversation in the treatment room with a client in their early 60's:

Client: "I was searching the internet...I'm so tired of tweezing. Is it really permanent?"
Me:"yes, how long have you had this facial hair growth?"
Client: "it started when I was in my 20's."
Me: "How often do you tweeze?"
Client: "Daily.  How many treatments will it take?"
Me: "Every individual is different.  There are a lot of factors involved. The growth did not happen overnight, we won't get rid of it overnight..."

From here the conversation continues as to the  specifics of the process and typically their first treatment. 

New clients tend to be distraught when they enter the office. Having dealt with facial hair growth for nearly half their life or longer. From here I proceed to explain the process of Electrolysis and the truth that it may take many visits to complete. If they are willing to commit and stay on a schedule yes they will begin to see the results, but it will take perseverance and a commitment on their part. It's quite gratifying to see a client as we progress come in and be able to either shorten their appointment time or extend the time between visits. Even more so when a client calls to say :  "Hi it's ______ I just wanted to say happy holidays and let you know I haven't been in because I haven't needed to come because you did such a good job and the hair is gone..."

There is nothing more gratifying to an Electrologists than to see a client who has committed to the process and received the results of permanent hair removal.

So to answer the question:

"Yes It's Permanent"