Do guys ever do this?

Absolutely! Many men are troubled by unwanted hair as well. Often, as men mature, they also experience hair growth which they find undesirable, such as thicker eyebrows, increased chest hair, or long dark hairs on the ears. This is not considered abnormal, but appears to be a natural occurrence resulting from hormone fluctuations and inheritance.

Electrolysis ... Grooming For Today's Lifestyle
A man's personal style speaks volumes in today's society. Increasingly, men like you are finding it more important than ever to look well put together at all times. Projecting the right image, especially being seen as stylish, is regarded as a sign of social aptitude and success - what today's man wants!

For many men, temporary hair removal regimens are essential to attaining a well-trimmed look. Frequently, excess hair on your back or shoulders, around the ears or between the eyebrows grows back faster than you can remove it. Or perhaps you are a competitive athlete for whom regular body hair removal is a necessary chore.






Some common areas of treatment are: eyebrows, especially if a uni-brow is of concern, beard sculpting, to eliminate shaving on the cheeks and neck, neckline to treat skin irritations and ingrown hairs, ears, back and shoulders. Competitive athletes also choose electrolysis for permanent removal of unwanted body hair.

How long will it take?

The length of a treatment, and the number of treatments to complete the process, will depend on the amount of hair to be removed. Defining brows or treating ears will take a lot less time than removing the heavy growth on a back. It is important to know that consistent clearings, of any area, will achieve permanence sooner than having sporadic appointments.