Electrolysis works on all hair types.  The Apilus Platinum Pure epilator is more comfortable than other machines. 

If you've tried other methods of hair removal and they have not worked for you this is your answer.  Maybe you've tried laser and it was either too uncomfortable or it did not work because your hair is fine, or blonde.


Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. Utilizing state of the art equipment The Apilus Platinum Pure from Dectro.  After many years of intense research the Apilus Platinum Pure has revolutionized the field of electrology. The patented technology of the Apilus Platinum Pure machine uses 27MHz frequency to permanently and quickly destroy all types of hair. It works twice as fast as other epilators, destroying the cells essential for hair growth. The 27MHz is able to provide higher quality with a higher level of comfort. Medical loupes, as well as an LED light allow me to see more hairs than most, giving you a more thorough and precise treatment.