Will an electrologist be able to understand what transgender is about?

"Permanent hair removal is a very important part of my process. I'm on hormone therapy to reduce new hair growth, but I need a permanent solution for my existing facial and body hair. I've done my homework and I know that electrolysis is the only permanent method, but I'm afraid to pick up the phone. I haven't shared this with very many people."

Absolutely... You are dealing with someone who takes utmost pride in performing their professional responsibilities. We are aware of what you are trying to accomplish and how electrolysis fits into your process. We respect you, your choice and your privacy.




Can electrolysis remove hair in the genital area?

Yes. However, we may ask which surgeon you are working with in order to follow his/her pre-surgical protocols. It is important to allow sufficient time prior to surgery to complete genital hair removal in order to prevent future ingrown hairs internally.

Why does the electrologist need to know what protocol or program I'm on?

We understand the commitment necessary to make a gender transition and we take it as seriously as you do. It is important to ensure that your electrolysis treatments occur at the right point in your process and in a way that works in concert with your health and long-term goals.