Unsightly Ear Hairs…Oh My!!

Turkish Hair Singeing is this really the way you want to remove those stubborn hairs on your ears? I didn't think so.

Why do men go bald yet have unruly eyebrows, sprout hair on their ears, and tip of the nose as they age? Our bodies are a complex system of cells working in unison. We never give it much thought when everything is in balance. As we age our estrogen levels drop creating an imbalance and only then do we give notice. We all have two types of hair. Terminal hairs are the dark hairs you find on the head, eyebrows, beard, pubic, and underarm area. Vellus hair is the soft fine hair we know as “peach fuzz”. The follicles on each area of the body respond differently to an excess of androgen hormones. Follicles with vellus hairs that are on the ears, nose, and chin, will grow thicker and darker. On the other hand the follicles on the scalp may convert testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which shrinks the follicles. This is genetic and scientists do not know exactly why this happens to some and not others. Tired of seeing hair on your ears, or that one hair on your nose? Want to get rid of it once and for all? As an Electrologist I remove hair permanently! Call today!