Medical Reasons for Excess Hair Growth in Women


If you’ve ever wondered why you have an over-abundance of hair on your body in comparison to your friends, you should know it may be your hormones that are responsible.

Some women face the issue of more body hair than the ‘average woman.’ In most cases, the excess hair may appear as an excess of fine dark hair on the abdomen, chest, back, and/or chin or upper lip. This hair may be more visible when the skin is fair. Over time these hairs may become course and more dense. It’s only natural that a woman would want to rid herself of this excess hair. Excess hair can cause a woman to experience low self-esteem and psychological pain. Every human being produces both male and female hormones. Men have lower levels of female hormones; women have fewer male hormones. When a woman produces excess amounts of free circulating androgens (male hormones), excess hair may be more abundant. The medical term for the appearance of male pattern hair growth is called hirsutism. Hirsutism can run in the family so if a close female relative has hirsutism, then it is more likely for the women in the family to develop it as well.

There are medical conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which can very often be responsible for a woman’s excess of hair. Women with PCOS and women with other hormonal conditions may have other symptoms associated with the disorder as well. Acne, irregular menstruation, and excess body weight are all symptoms related to hormonal issues and may be seen in conjunction with increased hair growth. If you are dealing with excess hair, no hormonal imbalances in medical tests, and no other symptoms, you should be aware that in rare cases the causes may never be diagnosed.

If you never had excess hair problems and you suddenly notice an excess amount of hair appearing on your face and/or body, you should consult with your doctor.

Electrolysis is a permanent solution to remove the unwanted excess hair. Rest assured, after a series of visits to your Electrologist you will start to see some significant results and best of all—you’ll feel better about yourself!

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